Time to go English…..

As there are more English speaking people reading

my posts by now , I decided to

also post in English….but:

Please read the content only and NOT the grammar…

…so for all those, who where not able to read my posts and sites before

this is what I write about:

my felt – I am a feltmaker


my colours – I am an eco printer


my garden – I am a gardener and hobby photographer

Bild 002

my experiences – I am a teacher for feltmaking and at a kindergarden




3 Gedanken zu “Time to go English…..

    1. Dear Gracie, dear Terriea
      I will only try to write each post in German as well as in English. I do not run another page……..SORRY! The Topics will always be in German and English. Thank you for your understanding.

      Gefällt mir

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